Educators and Parents

Looking for a well paying, interesting career for your student that can also help make the world a better place? The career you’re looking for exists– in food and agriculture!

The UN estimates that by the year 2050, the population of the earth will reach at least 9.5 billion - that’s a lot of people! More people will demand better and easier access to food, while climate change may actually take away the land we need to grow it. That’s a problem, but luckily, young people interested in changing the world can be a part of the solution.

To feed the future, we need young people willing to stand up and help improve the world. Without more young professionals entering the food and agriculture workforce, millions will go undernourished, or worse, without food at all. We will be unable to sustainably feed everyone. Careers in food and agriculture are in high-demand, and your student can take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Explore this website and see college students, professionals and professors who stood up to the challenge of feeding the future. They’re making a difference in the world and creating a career they enjoy at the same time. Learn more about student career choices both through further education and employers.

Your student could be a soil scientist, an agronomist, a food scientist or an animal breeder. Those are just a few examples of the amazing careers available – and they pay well! Join the movement to create a sustainable food and agriculture system. Together we can feed, nourish and create a thriving future, for everyone.

“See what others are doing to feed, nourish and create a thriving future!”

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