Lazarus Lynch

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Lazarus Lynch

National 4-H Council

Food Science

Lazarus Lynch is a homegrown chef, travel and culture enthusiast, and the son of a southern chef. Born and bread in Jamaica, New York to Debbie and Johnny 'Ray' Lynch, Lazarus spent his early childhood years in the kitchen cooking with his father . Ray grew up in an impoverished, segregated small town in Bessemer, Alabama, about twelve miles southwest of Birmingham. Ray had a natural knack for cooking ; learning from his mother and grandmother how to make fresh sweet rolls and smothered fried pork chops. When Lazarus was ten, his parents opened their popular fish, chips and soul food restaurant, Baby Sister's Soul Food in Laurelton, Queens. Ray's fried fish, macaroni and cheese, and open -mic soul nights were big hits at the restaurant. Ray built a loyal fan -base and loved bringing smiles to customer's faces at the taste of his food.

Lazarus took after his father's passion for cooking and decided to study culinary arts in high school. Lazarus' natural cooking talent and charismatic personality built him a following, gaining the attention of the Food Network and NBC. Food Network's host, Ingrid Hoffmann named Lazarus "the next big food star." Lazarus' passionate, thoughtful, fun, and articulate approach to food and cooking connects with diverse audiences. In Ray's final days, he and Lazarus were approached by the Cooking Channel to create an original show. Ray passed away from cancer before the dream could be realized. Today, Lazarus shares what his father shared with him; cooking with soul, and eating with pleasure!