So you’re convinced that an exciting, great STEM career in food and agriculture is for you and you need more information. This resource page is the perfect destination. Below are some projects, initiatives, websites, organizations and tools that can help you achieve your dreams of doing good for the world and helping to meet the challenges of our future population.

Take some time to look through the following resources – they are there to help you achieve your dream of a good job that does good for the world.

Interactive Resources

The 2015 Global Food Security Index provides a worldwide perspective on which countries are the most and least vulnerable to food insecurity.

Learn More is the leading ag-specific career portal for the Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources and Biotechnology careers.

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Food & Ag Curriculum and Experiments

Inspire your students with hands on experiments and activities in Food and Agricultural Science.

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Land Grant Universities

STEMconnector partners with many land grant and community colleges. Learn more about our partners in higher education and their programs in Food and Agriculture.

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Get Involved

Youth organizations provide a great start for students in food and agriculture. Find Local FFA, 4-H, or AFA chapters near you

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